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Roller Shutters, Security Doors & Fly Screens

Protect your home from unwanted thieves and insulate it from the elements. Invest in your biggest asset today.

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King Shutters & Screens are a specialists in custom design and fit-out of aluminium Roller Shutters for both commercial and residential applications.

Got a broken Roller Shutter at your home or business? Not a problem. Our team of roller shutter technicians will come out onsite to repair roller shutter in a quick turnaround time.

Don’t put your loved ones at risk, secure your home with our heavy-duty, reliable Security Doors designed to withstand even the craftiest of thieves.

King Shutters & Screens are a leading home improvement and security solutions business in Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs

We supply and install a wide range of commercial and residential roller shutterssecurity doors, and fly screens. We also provide service and repairs on existing roller shutters for customers right across Melbourne and the greater Victoria region.

Homeowners can enjoy a wide range of benefits of having roller shutters and security doors installed on their homes, such as potential energy savings on the monthly electricity bills, added extra security from burglaries, noise reduction, and harsh UV protection, just to name a few.

Not only that, but having roller shutters and security doors installed in your home could also potentially increase the value of your property for potential buyers as they would see the benefit of a secure home with reduced running costs over the long term.

King Shutters and Screens Protect and Insulate Your Biggest Investment
King Shutters and Screens Black Aluminium Roller Shutters Project in Melbourne

Aluminium Roller Shutters

King Shutters and Screens excels in providing premium aluminium roller shutters for residential and commercial properties across Melbourne. With over 20 years of experience in installing and maintaining roller shutters, our expertise remains unmatched.

We deliver high-quality aluminium slats that ensure long-lasting, durable shutters. Choose from manual or the convenient electric and remote-controlled options. Our custom-made roller shutters are designed to meet your specific needs while providing exceptional security and service for your property.

Commercial Roller Shutter Installation in Melbourne by King Shutters and Screens 2

Commercial Roller Shutters


Our commercial roller shutters offer manual, electric, and remote-controlled operation for ease of use and functionality. Made from high-quality aluminium, these shutters are durable and can withstand Australia’s harsh climate, offering excellent protection against weather conditions and unauthorized access. With these reliable roller shutters, your business premises remain secure and well-protected.

Easy View Roller Shutters

EasyView Roller Shutters

King Shutters and Screens Melbourne brings you EasyView Roller Shutters, suitable for both commercial and residential properties, including home alfresco spaces.

They are designed for shopfronts, shopping centre grilles, and outdoor dining areas, providing the right blend of security and visibility. These shutters allow you to protect your property while maintaining an open, comfortable atmosphere.

EasyView Roller Shutters are reliable and practical, offering protection and style wherever they’re used.

Service and Repair of Roller Shutters at Toorrak VIC by King Shutters Screens

Roller Shutters Repairs

King Shutters and Screens is your go-to provider for reliable roller shutter repairs and servicing. With a focus on comprehensive care, we ensure your shutters—whether window roller shutters, garage shutters, or commercial shutter doors—operate seamlessly to deliver the security and efficiency you expect.

Trust our team for the expertise and thorough service that will keep your shutters in perfect working order.

Custom Designed Security Door Installation at Dewon Meadows VIC by King Shutters Screens

Security Doors

We understand the importance of securing your home or business. Our broad range of security doors is designed to deliver maximum protection without sacrificing style. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial security doors in Melbourne’s eastern or northern suburbs, we have the right solutions to suit your needs.


Some of the perks and features of Roller Shutters & Security Doors

Home Security

Probably one of the main reasons why Roller Shutters appeal to so many customers is for it’s Home Security. Once installed in your home or business, it becomes virtually impossible for break-ins to happen.

Intruder Evasion

Live in a sketchy area? Had recent break-ins in your neighborhood? Sometimes just having Roller Shutters installed in your home and having them rolled all the way down while you’re out can deter a potential intruder from snooping around your home or business premises. Roller Shutters will give you peace-of-mind.

Storm & Hail Protection

On occasion, Melbourne weather can experience severe thunderstorms and hail. You won’t have to worry when you have Roller Shutters installed. Not only does it protect your windows, but it’ll also reduce the noise coming from outside of your home while the thunderstorm passes.

Summer Insulation

You typically go to work for eight hours a day and when you come home on a stinky hot summers day, your first point of contact is to run for the air-con controls. With Roller Shutters, your home can stay up to 10C° cooler during the day.

Noise Reduction

Live on a busy road? How about next to noisy neighbors? Maybe near a train station. Either way, if you want want to reduce the noise in your bedroom, rumpus or living area, then Roller Shutters may be your best solution.

Better Night’s Sleep

It’s been said that you get a better night’s sleep when you’re in a room with complete darkness. You’ll never have a better sleep than having the Roller Shutters rolled all the way down to eliminate every spec of light coming through to your room.

Energy Savings

It’s common knowledge that with having Roller Shutters installed across your entire home can reduce your inside temperature by 10C° in summer and keep your home much warmer in winter and therefore not worrying to rely on heating and cooling.

Winter Insulation

Those cold, frosty Melbourne mornings are something we’re all accustomed to. Roller Shutters have a thin layer of insulation within then and they can keep the cold frost out of your home in those freezing Melbourne winter nights we all know.

King Shutters and Screens Protect and Insulate Your Biggest Investment

Frequently Asked Questions for Roller Shutters

The best type of rolling shutter depends on your specific needs, such as security, convenience, aesthetics, and budget:

  1. Manual Rolling Shutters: Ideal for budget-conscious customers or smaller applications where manual operation is feasible. They are simple and cost-effective.

  2. Electric/Motorized Rolling Shutters: Perfect for those seeking convenience and security. They can be operated with the push of a button and are excellent for larger or hard-to-reach windows.

  3. Fire-Rated Rolling Shutters: Essential for areas prone to fires or for properties requiring stringent safety measures. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and help prevent the spread of fire.

The cost of roller shutters can vary widely depending on several factors including the material, the size of the windows, and the type of shutters you choose.

Additionally, the cost of installation might vary based on your location and the complexity of the installation. For a more accurate estimate, it’s recommended to get quotes from several providers to compare prices and services.

Remember, while the initial cost may be considerable, shutters are a long-term investment that can enhance both the aesthetic and the energy efficiency of your home.

Roller shutters are often considered a worthwhile investment for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced Security: External roller shutters provide a robust physical barrier against break-ins and vandalism, significantly enhancing the security of your home or business.

  2. Increased Energy Efficiency: External window shutters are effective in insulating buildings from heat and cold, which can lead to reduced energy costs. By keeping heat out during summer and retaining warmth during winter, roller shutters can help stabilize indoor temperatures and reduce the need for heating and cooling.

  3. Noise Reduction: Outdoor roller shutters can significantly reduce noise levels from outside, making them ideal for homes and businesses located in busy or noisy areas.

  4. Light Control and Privacy: They offer excellent control over the amount of light entering a space and can provide complete privacy when fully closed.

  5. Weather Protection: Outdoor aluminium shutters can protect windows against extreme weather conditions, such as storms and hail, potentially preventing costly damages.

  6. Longevity and Durability: Made from materials like aluminium, roller shutters are durable and designed to withstand wear and tear, providing long-term service.

  7. Property Value: Installing roller shutters can increase the market value of a property by improving its appearance, enhancing security, and adding an energy-efficient solution.

The initial cost of roller shutters might be considered high, but the benefits they provide in terms of security, energy savings, and increased property value often justify the investment. To determine if they are the right choice for your specific needs, consider factors such as your location, security needs, energy efficiency goals, and budget.

Whether houses look better with or without shutters largely depends on the architectural style, the specific design and function of the shutters, and personal aesthetic preferences.

  1. Architectural Harmony: Shutters can enhance the appearance of a house if they are in harmony with the architectural style. For traditional homes, such as colonial or Victorian styles, shutters can add a touch of authenticity and charm. For modern homes, minimalist and sleek shutter designs can complement the contemporary look.

  2. Functional Aesthetics: If shutters are functional, meaning they can actually close and protect the windows, they often contribute positively to a home’s exterior by adding depth and interest. Decorative shutters that do not function might not fit as well if they are not in proportion with the windows or if they clash with the home’s style.

  3. Color and Material: The material and color of the shutters should complement the rest of the home’s exterior. Coordinating these elements can either make the shutters a standout feature or blend them seamlessly with the overall façade.

  4. Personal Preference: Ultimately, the decision may also come down to personal preference. Some people prefer the clean look of a home without shutters, especially in modern or minimalistic architecture, where lines are simple and uncluttered.

In conclusion, external shutters can significantly enhance a home’s curb appeal when chosen carefully and integrated thoughtfully with the design of the house. Conversely, inappropriate or poorly designed shutters might detract from the aesthetic value. If you’re considering adding shutters, it might be beneficial to consult with a design professional to determine the best options for your home.

Yes, you can upgrade manual roller shutters to electric. This process involves installing a motor and controls that let you operate the shutters with a button, remote control, or even through a smart home system. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cost: The cost to convert manual shutters to motorised roller shutters varies. It depends on factors like the type of motor you choose, how complex the installation is, and whether your existing shutters need any modifications to fit the new system.

  • Installation: It’s important to have a professional do this job. They’ll make sure everything is set up correctly and safely, which helps avoid any issues with the shutters later.

  • Benefits: Electric shutters are easier to use, especially if they’re in hard-to-reach places. They add a modern touch to your home and can be integrated into home automation systems, making them a great upgrade from manual shutters.

  • Considerations: Before you decide, check if your existing manual shutters are suitable for conversion. Not all manual shutters can be easily or cost-effectively converted to electric.

This upgrade can bring a lot of conveniences and might also increase the value of your home because of the added functionality and appeal of electric window shutters.

Yes, roller shutters can help keep a house warm, especially when installed as part of a comprehensive insulation strategy. Here’s how they work:

  1. Thermal Insulation: Roller shutters create an additional layer of insulation between your windows and the outside environment. By closing the shutters, you can reduce the amount of heat that escapes during the winter, keeping your home warmer. This is especially effective with window roller shutters because windows are typically where a lot of heat is lost.

  2. Electric Roller Shutters: Electric roller shutters provide the added convenience of automation, allowing you to easily lower them during colder periods to maintain a comfortable temperature. They are often made with materials that provide excellent thermal insulation.

  3. Security Roller Shutters: Aside from offering security, these shutters can also reduce drafts and create a tight seal around windows, helping to maintain internal warmth.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Using roller shutters can result in significant energy savings as they reduce the reliance on heating systems. This can also help lower energy bills.

Overall, window roller shutters act as a barrier against the cold, creating a more energy-efficient home environment that stays warm during the winter months.

In Melbourne, security shutters and roller shutters can significantly reduce heat by limiting the amount of solar energy entering your home. They can reduce the internal temperature by up to 10°C or more during hot days. Here’s how shutters achieve this:

  1. Blocking Solar Radiation: By completely covering the window, roller shutters prevent the sun’s rays from directly penetrating the glass. This stops solar heat gain, a significant contributor to rising indoor temperatures.

  2. Reflective Surfaces: High-quality Melbourne security shutters often feature reflective surfaces that bounce sunlight away, reducing the heat that can enter through the windows.

  3. Insulation Layer: When the shutters are closed, they create an insulating barrier that traps hot air between the window and the shutter, reducing overall heat transfer.

  4. Material and Design: The materials used in security shutters, such as aluminium or insulated foam-filled slats, are designed to provide an extra layer of thermal protection, helping to maintain a cooler indoor environment.

Investing in roller shutters in Melbourne can thus offer substantial heat reduction, leading to more comfortable living conditions and potentially lowering air conditioning costs. For accurate performance data, consult a local supplier or installer specializing in security shutters in Melbourne, as they can assess your specific needs and offer tailored advice.

Roller shutters, including security window shutters in Melbourne, can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years or more. Their longevity depends on several factors like the quality of the materials, the frequency of use, and the level of maintenance. Here’s a detailed analysis:

  1. Material Quality: High-quality aluminium or steel roller shutters can last longer than those made from less durable materials. Insulated shutters with foam-filled slats are also built to withstand environmental factors.

  2. Frequency of Use: Roller shutters used daily may wear down more quickly than those used less frequently. Electric shutters may require more maintenance if used constantly due to motor strain.

  3. Environmental Impact: Melbourne’s climate plays a role in the lifespan of roller shutters. Security shutters exposed to extreme weather, like storms or high UV radiation, can degrade more quickly without proper care.

  4. Maintenance: Regular servicing of roller shutters, including cleaning, lubrication, and addressing minor repairs promptly, helps extend their lifespan. Neglecting maintenance can lead to premature wear and more frequent breakdowns.

  5. Installation Quality: Proper installation ensures that shutters function smoothly and reduces strain on parts. Incorrect installation might cause operational issues over time.

  6. Upgrades and Repairs: Periodic upgrades or repairs, such as replacing motors in electric shutters or fixing tracks, can refresh the shutter system and extend its overall life.

By choosing high-quality Melbourne roller shutters and providing regular maintenance, you can ensure that your security shutters last for many years while maintaining optimal performance.

King Shutters and Screens Protect and Insulate Your Biggest Investment

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"Mal is very professional and very skilled. Happy for our new window shutters. Affordable and good service. Highly recommended to my friends and family. Well done!"
"Mal and the team at King Shutters made the whole process easy. They replaced our manually operated shutters with electrical ones in few hours. Great friendly service. Thank you Mal!"
"Mal was extremely quick to fix roller shutters on investment property. He was transparent with the cost, gave me options and provided a competitive price that could not be beaten. Strongly recommend King Shutters & Screens and will definitely use in the future."
"Mal is very approachable and professional. Roller shutter replaced was of good value and quality."
"Mal is very approachable and professional. Roller shutter replaced was of good value and quality."
"King Shutters did a couple of shutters for us. They did a fantastic job and it looks beautiful at very reasonable price. I highly recommend King Shutters to everyone who needs new shutters."
"Mal is friendly and helpful with all questions. He installed my shutter promptly and I am very happy with the result."
"Mal is a consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very responsive. He installed my roller shutters in a timely manner, within two weeks of ordering! My shutters look great and work really well. Mal was reasonably priced, did a great job, and cleaned up afterward. Thanks so much, Mal and Co, for your excellent customer service."
"Terrific service and products, with excellent, rapid communication and follow-up. Our shutters look fantastic and we couldn't be happier."

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